Malcolm Roy Greenhill is a writer / director based in London, UK. He is best known for his short film "Brando-ing" that was shortlisted from over 850 films in the 2013 Virgin Media Shorts competition.

Malcolm began his filmmaking career when he established the Cambridge Independent Filmmakers’ Association (CIFA) - a community group that brought local filmmakers together to work on projects and learn their craft. Since then he has worked in post-production with some of the UK’s top editing talent, on freelance music videos and short films, and on narrative development and production with Feel Films.

In 2017 Malcolm established Little Alien Pictures to develop and produce innovative feature film projects that follow his precise narrative philosophy. Little Alien’s first short film, comedy sketch ‘OSKA BAYTE’, is currently performing well on the festival circuit and the team’s first large scale short film ‘Layla’ is set to shoot in April 2018.


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